You’ll never be a Civi, but you can learn to live like one!

Are you ex Military? Please tell us what you think!

Cultural Adjustment Course for Ex-Military.

 Imagine a 2 week course that will be provided for ex-military to adjust to the civilian way of life! The range of services will include:

  • The understanding of what a fully trained military person, essentially, is in comparison to someone who has never trained in the military:
    • Learn the formula that made us this way, find out what keeps us this way and what is the productive side to what we are.
  • Why adapting to the civilian culture seems to be difficult:
    • What we expect from life after the military, why we find it difficult to accept change and learning the formula to ‘The Learning Cycle’.
  • The physiology of the brain:
    • This will lead to a clearer understanding why, the ex-military, when making decisions can only see what is black or white with no room for options.
    • Why a military trained person reacts to specific situations that the not trained would react inversely.
  • The difference in Terminology and how it can affect your progression at work and in society:
    • The knowledge of acceptable words and non-acceptable words can make a difference to communicating with civilians and upsetting civilians.
  • Combat related PTSD awareness:
    • An insight into the mind, the signs and symptoms of PTSD
  • Anger Management:
    • This will provide the knowledge and understanding as to what a military trained person thinks and feels, and the behaviour they display.
  • Routine, Wellbeing and rudimentary life skills:
    • To learn the healthy attributes to routine, cooking cheap simple healthy meals (food and mood), registering with local resources, looking at what you wear (clothes), physical fitness, sleep promotion, setting goals and being more understanding with yourself.
  • Quantum Thinking:
    • The essential toolkit for living a more positive, successful and fulfilling life.
  • Relationships
    • Why Ex-service personnel might have Relationship difficulties with partners, friends and colleagues in Civi Street.
  • Job Interview Techniques, CV writing awareness and Job Search Awareness
    • To learn new or improve interview techniques; including body language, what to wear and how to be confident.
    • Where to learn CV writing and where to go for professional CVs.
    • Introduction to and other internet job search sites.
  • An insight into organisations, assistance and who is out there for ex-service personnel and what they can do for you.
    • British Legion
    • SAAFA
    • Combat Stress
    • Veterans Aid
    • Haig Homes
    • Etc.
  • Wives, Partners, Families Afternoon
    • An introduction and explanation into the problematic core beliefs of an ex-military person
    • Q&A
    • Tea and biscuits (Social Gathering)
  • Passing In Parade.
    • A ‘Transition to Civilian Society Certificate’.

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