Happy Friday Everyone! The word of the w

Happy Friday Everyone!

The word of the week is: Certitude

Does your life contain certitude, or are you not sure?


Health and Safety MYTH: Ice cream toppin

Health and Safety MYTH: Ice cream toppings have been banned for safety reasons

The reality We were recently surprised to hear that ice cream toppings had been banned amid health and safety fears.

This rumour came from an ice cream parlour giving out extra toppings in separate containers, instead of pouring them over the ice cream. They were concerned that people might slip on any spills.

It’s important to prevent slips – they remain the most common cause of major injuries.

But in this case simply clearing up any spills as they occurred would have stopped people slipping and helped the company continue to make great ice cream taste even better!

Nobody likes to be misinformed when it c

Nobody likes to be misinformed when it comes to health so we would like to clear up some of the most common #firstaid #MYTHS:

Putting butter on a burn
Nice on toast, even better on a jacket potato, but on newly burned skin- not so much. Putting greasy oil on the burn can aggravate the problem further. Instead run the affected area under cold running water for at least ten minutes.

Health and Safety MYTH: Pancake races ar

Health and Safety MYTH: Pancake races are banned!

Health and safety requirements were given as the reason that a pancake race couldn’t take place last year.

A straightforward event like this one only needs a short, simple risk assessment. And when an event has taken place lots of times before, all that’s needed is a review of the previous assessment – just to check nothing has changed – so that the fun can go ahead!

Managing risk is about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering – not bureaucratic back covering.